Police Station Interviews

Police Station Interviews

If you have been asked to provide an interview at a police station you will be very anxious and nervous particularly if you are facing a serious offence which could lead to the loss of your licence or imprisonment. You may be frightened of saying or doing the wrong thing.

Call one of the specialist solicitors before your interview and they will provide free initial advice.

Most motoring offences will not require an interview such as speeding or failing to comply with a traffic sign but more serious offences such as driving without due care and attention, dangerous driving or offences involving a fatality often will.

You will normally be invited to a police station or may have been bailed to attend the police station by the police.

I thought there was a duty solicitor at police stations who would represent me free in an interview?

You would be quite right.

Everyone being interviewed at the police station has a right to be represented free by a duty solicitor.  However, it is unlikely that the duty solicitor at the police station will be a specialist in motoring law.

Often, they have little time to spend with you to take instructions prior to interview as they may have a number of interviewees to represent on the same day.

An interview is a vital part of your case both for the prosecution if you say the wrong thing or nothing at all.

What you have to ask yourself is this;

“Is it worth me saving on the costs of representation by  a non-expert if that advice leads to my conviction?”

In our experience duty solicitors are not usually pro-active in seeking lesser charges or alternative disposals such as driving courses. You would be much wiser and safer to place your case into the hands of an expert at the outset by getting representation at court.

When should I get advice?

“Many solicitors would advise you to wait for the charge to come through then get advice, but we would disagree.”

The sooner you get an expert involved the better chance you have of avoiding a conviction and possibly any prosecution at all.

One of our clients was due for a police station interview about a dangerous driving matter, we spent time before the interview establishing their version of events.  We were able to advise that they should answer questions put to them.  We made representations at the police station based on the prosecution evidence and what our client said with strong representations against a dangerous driving charge. She was offered a driver awareness course.

The advantages of early representation are:-

  • Early engagement with us ensures that the best representations are made as early as possible in the case.
  • We can get sight of evidence which may not otherwise be disclosed until a “Not Guilty” plea is entered.
  • We can ensure that evidence is preserved which is likely to support your defence.
  • Facts are still fresh in everyone’s memory and more reliable evidence can be sought from witnesses as a result.
How can Auriga Advocates help me?
  • We can help to alleviate all the worry and anxiety that facing an offence of causing serious injury by driving whilst disqualified can cause by giving free initial advice
  • We can support you even before you are charged by providing representation at a police interview
  • We will review the evidence against you meticulously and keep both the prosecution evidence and your defence evidence under constant review.
  • We will keep you informed every step of the way.
  • We will answer all of your questions and concerns.
  • We ensure that you get the best representation in court because we only used advocates we know and trust.
  • If you are pleading guilty we will ensure that you have evidence in support of your mitigation and expert representation to secure the best result possible
  • We will listen and support you all the way without extra charge
  • We will agree a fixed fee so that you have peace of mind financially and we also have payment options to spread the financial burden.

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were fantastic. From the first telephone conversation where I enquired about the services and cost involved everything was totally clear. Both Andrea and Lloyd who I dealt with were professional but warm, reassuring and were always available to answer any concerns or questions I had. Right up until the day I entered court they were there for me. My barrister who represented me in court, Lisa, was again also fantastic.
Right down to value for money (and I did look around) I really cannot fault the service I got from Auriga Advocates.

Auriga Advocates

keep; you well informed with your current status and give you the confidence to appeal for a better outcome toward your case. I would recommend them to anyone needing help and reassurance to what sometimes can seem a time of hopelessness and despair

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