DVLA Revocation of Driving Licence

DVLA Revocation of Driving Licence Legal Advice

Auriga Advocates are specialist motoring solicitors who can help you if you have had your driving licence revoked by the DVLA.

We understand the anxiety and unfairness felt if you have had your licence revoked by the DVLA. It feels as though you are being punished when you have done nothing wrong.

Speak to one of our specialist DLVA revocation solicitors who will be able to advise on how we may help you to get your licence reinstated.

My licence has expired because I am 70 years of age what should I do?

Most UK driving licences expire automatically when the driver reaches the age of 70.

It is quite easy to renew your licence. The process is free and most people can complete it online here.

You will need to renew your licence every 3 years.

You will need to meet all of these criteria to use the online service:

  • your British licence has expired – or it’s going to expire within 90 days
  • you’re a resident of Great Britain (there’s a different service in Northern
  • you meet the minimum eyesight requirement
  • you aren’t prevented from driving for any reason

If your doctor has told you not to drive then you will need to tell DVLA. See the medical revocation section below if this happens.

Why has my licence has been revoked due to medical reasons?

In order to use the public roads safely as a driver, you must be in good health and fit to drive, so as to ensure that as a licence holder you are not a risk to yourself or  other road users. The DVLA have powers to revoke your licence if they think that you may not be fit enough to drive.

This usually happens when a doctor or someone else such as a police officer informs them that there is a potential risk.

What medical condition would lead to my licence being revoked?
The DVLA can investigate a driver’s fitness to drive in the following circumstances:-

The licence holder or applicant for a licence informs the DVLA of a condition which could affect their driving i.e. Cardiovascular issues, Diabetes, Epilepsy.
The Police have concerns about the health and well being of a licence holder after a particular accident i.e. unfamiliarity of roads or road signs due to dementia/cognitive deterioration
The licence holder has been convicted and sentenced to a drink or drug related offence,
The licence holders Doctor informs the Driver that they are not fit to drive and subsequently informs the DVLA of their diagnosis i.e. epilepsy, mental disorder, fainting or persistent misuse of drugs or alcohol.

What can I do if my licence has been revoked on medical grounds?

If you do not agree with the decision of DVLA to revoke your licence then you can write to them asking them to review the decision.

You will normally need to give them good reasons why they need to review the decision. Remember that usually a doctor appointed by the DVLA will have already looked at your case.

You can also sent additional medical evidence to the DVLA for them to examine. A solicitor can often assist at this stage by advising about what evidence to put forward and helping with the process of submitting an evidential case to the DVLA.

If the DVLA do not re-instate my driving licence after a review can I appeal?

If the DVLA finally make a decision that you do not agree with then you have the right to appeal their decision at your local magistrates’ court. A specialist solicitor can be invaluable at this stage of the process. You will probably need to present evidence to the court and you may need an advocate to cross-examine experts. It is advisable in most cases that you also call a consultant on your condition after obtaining a report. This will normally have been submitted prior to the DVLA’s decision to refuse your application.


I am a new driver my licence has been revoked due to getting 6 points for an offence I am appealing is there anything I can do to keep my licence pending appeal?

The DVLA will automatically revoke your driving licence if you are a new driver and get 6 points however if you are appealing the decision in the magistrates court the DVLA should reinstate your driving licence pending appeal. You should notify them straight away so that there is no delay in keeping your licence.

The best way to avoid a new driver revocation is to get advice at the outset of proceedings or before you even accept a fixed penalty. By avoiding the imposition of points you can often avoid revocation. To find out if this applies to you call one of our specialist solicitors.

Challenging the DVLA decision can be frustrating and difficult. The regulations in relation to specific issues such as epilepsy or diabetes are complicated and require detailed knowledge to be able to challenge the decision effectively. We would always recommend that legal advice is sought at this early stage because it can save you the cost of an appeal.

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