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Auriga Advocates are expert speeding solicitors and are usually contacted when drivers are accused of higher level speeding offences or when drivers are potentially facing a totting up ban because they have attracted too many speeding points. If you are one such driver you will be worried about being disqualified as it may result in a loss of employment and in consequence the loss of your home. You do not need to worry one of our specialist speeding solicitors is waiting to help you and put your mind at rest.

If you feel adamant that you were not speeding you should contact us first often we can nip the case in the bud.

One of our clients was sure that he was not speeding despite a fixed camera showing otherwise. We did some basic calculations and were able to show that the camera was faulty. When representations were made the police withdrew the summons without our client having to go to court. You do not have to accept the fixed penalty or summons.

If you are caught speeding but were merely travelling 31 mph in a 30 mph limit, whilst it is unlikely you will be facing a speeding ban, you could be convicted and receive 3 points and a fine as well as significant costs if you decide to fight the case without representation from a Speeding Solicitor.

If you are unsure about what you should do call one of our specialist solicitors to discuss your options.

Is it right that speeding is only 3 points?

It is a common myth that you will only get 3 points whatever speed you were driving at. There are clear guidelines which will be followed by the court and the higher your speed the higher the number of points and the possibility of a short disqualification?



What do the prosecution have to prove?

The police must prove beyond all reasonable doubt that you were

  • Driving a motor vehicle
  • On a public road 
  • At a speed exceeding the limit for the road

If you were not stopped at the scene that you have received a notice of intended prosecution within 14 days of the offence.

Only then can you be found guilty of driving in excess of a speed restriction.

How can they prove what my speed was?

The basic rule with a speeding case is that a police officer can simply form an opinion that you were speeding if you were travelling on a motorway and this on its own could lead to your conviction. So the “speeding loopholes” you hear about in the news rarely apply to motorway cases. However where the alleged speeding offence did not take place on a motorway there must be evidence to corroborate an officer’s opinion that you were speeding. This is where the speed guns, speed cameras and average speed detection devices come into play.

Police in the UK can use a variety of over 40 types of speed measuring devices to measure the speed of the motorist for the purpose of prosecution. The main categories of devices used are:

  • Speed Cameras (GATSOMETERS)
  • Peek Cameras. A smaller version of the GATSOMETERS.
  • Handheld Laser and Radar Guns.
  • The VASCAR (Visual Average Speed Computer and Recorder) device. Used by police officers to calculate the average speed of a vehicle over a set distance.
  • The SPECS system. The use of a series of cameras over a set route which utilise automatic number plate recognition to calculate a vehicle’s average speed.
  • Truvelo. An increasingly common form of speed camera device which relies upon road sensors to detect a car’s speed.

All speed cameras and speed detection devices must be properly calibrated and used only by officers specifically trained in their operation. There are also strict rules governing when, where and how these devices should be used.

If the stringent operating requirements have not been met, the Prosecution may be unable to prove a speeding offence.

There were no speed limit signs on the road can I be guilty of an offence?

Some roads do not need to have speed limits if there are a series of lampposts of approximately 200 yards apart  then the road will be restricted to 30 mph. If you drive in excess of 30mph then you will potentially be guilty of an offence.

Is there any alternative to being prosecuted?

If you are speeding at a low speed and you will not have points totalling 12 points or more on your licence then you may be offered a fixed penalty ticket or a speed awareness course.

Fixed Penalties

Awareness Course

If you are unsure whether you should accept a fixed penalty or undertake a court give one of specialist solicitors a call to discuss your options.

I have been summonsed for an offence of speeding but already have 9 points on my licence?

You fall within the totting up procedure and will receive a minimum 6 month ban unless you can argue exceptional hardship.

Exceptional Hardship

The rules in relation to Exceptional Hardship are complicated and often not what the general public would consider. For example,  loss of employment is not in itself exceptional hardship. We know the criterion require to  influence  a court to find exceptional hardship in your favour .  We will ensure that we leave no stone unturned in establishing the evidence to prove exceptional hardship.  Once we have gathered all the evidence we will present the evidence with fully support arguments to ensure that the Court finds exceptional hardship and you avoid a disqualification.

  • Worried that you may be banned due to the alleged speed or the fact you have 12 points or more on licence?
  • Don’t worry a minute longer than necessary put your mind at ease by discussing your case with one of expert solicitors

Between us we will reach the right option for you.  

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  • Andrea was very quick to respond and gave sound advice from the on-set. She was pro-active in gathering relevant and appropriate information to support the case. Andrea was supportive throughout  and as our advocate presented professionally in court achieving the best possible result.’

    Mrs H  Shrewsbury

  • A big thank you to Auriga Advocates. As an IT contractor I have been riding my motorcycle all across the UK for the last few years. In that time I managed to clock up 9 points. With another 3 on their way I found myself in the serious danger of losing my licence due to “totting up”.

    Andrea’s assistance in putting together a case for exceptional hardship at short notice was invaluable, without this and the excellent representation in court I would have struggled to have put my case forward with the concise delivery and merit that is required in these cases. Andrea from Auriga was supportive and has a genuine concern for people’s welfare, at the same time professional, thoughtful and of course very knowledgeable in her field. Thank you Andrea for all your help and for the excellent result that we had on the day

    Mr H Wales

  • Although Andrea wasn’t representing me but my partner, I would like to say how much she helped me with her calm, caring manner.  She went far beyond what we could expect.  From that first phone call one dark evening in November last year she has been a Godsend, helping us get through a very difficult time.

    An excellent professional but also now a friend who helped us so much.  I couldn’t recommend Auriga more highly, a big thank you to them all.

    Ms T Kent

  • Auriga couldn’t have done more for me in a time of need and worry.  Their professionalism and calm manner helped take the worry away.  What could have been a disqualification has ended with 6 points.  If you need advice and help look no further than Andrea and her team.  So professional and caring and at a very reasonable cost, I couldn’t recommend Andrea highly enough, don’t hesitate in making that call to Auriga, their timely actions gave me a genuinely good result.

    Mr R Kent

  • Thanks to you all for a great service!  Have been really pleased with your efforts from start to finish and the regular updates you’ve provided.  Your reassurance has been like a breath of breath air in a time of uncertainty, and although you’ve provided a great service i must say i’m most pleased about the result!”

    The result was discontinuance of the offence and full refund of fees after a claim for defendant costs out of central funds.

    Mr M Cheshire

  • I felt Auriga’s service from start to finish, was very professional, caring and put my mind at ease. I understood exactly where I stood and how the process of attending court would work and had plenty of time to prepare all relevant paperwork. I would say that I think the cost of your services are lower than most of your peers and I therefore think you are slightly underselling yourselves as I would definitely recommend your company to other people. (exceptional hardship January 2017)

    Mr L Devonshire

  • Delighted with the outcome. At every stage of the process I felt in competent and confident hands. A totally professional approach was demonstrated at every stage of the process. No one can take away the feelings of uncertainty and worry through the legal process but I always felt Mrs. Clegg filled me with a feeling of positivity (exceptional hardship January 2017)

    Mr W Cheshire