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If you work as a taxi driver for a living and you are being prosecuted for touting for business or your private hire licence has been revoked you will be devastated and worried about how you are your home and family because you will have lost your livelihood.

At Auriga Advocates our specialist solicitors can help you defend your case and stay working as a taxi driver. Do not face this alone we can be with you every step of the way

If you run a taxi firm and employ drivers you may wish to see what we can offer you as an employer read our company drivers page

Can anyone be a taxi driver?

Private Hire Vehicles, Hackney Carriages and any other form of taxi MUST be licensed in order to be legally hired to carry passengers.

Are there conditions attached to a private hire licence?

Local Authorities provide Taxi licences for firms and individual drivers and can attach conditions to such a licence under the Local Government (miscellaneous provisions) Act 1976. Common examples are:-

  • Carry a First Aid Kit
  • Provide clearly signed Fire exit
  • Display a copy of the licence and conditions in the vehicle
  • Colour of the vehicle
  • The Position of the licence plate and how it is fixed
  • Proof of Insurance
  • General Appearance of the vehicle
  • Where and how the licence is displayed.
Can I work anywhere as a taxi driver once I have my licence?

The Local Authority provide a copy of the licence and conditions to the police.  The licence will only cover the area in that particular local authority and will not cover fare collected outside its jurisdiction therefore a different licence will be required for a different local authority or district within the same local authority.

Production of your taxi licence and conditions
A driver must be able to produce a copy of his licence and conditions within 5 days of the request from an authorised officer of the council or a police constable. Failure to do so without a reasonable excuse is an offence which carries a Level 3 fine £1,000
Can I appeal against the refusal of my taxi licence?

There is a right of appeal to the Magistrates by someone who is aggrieved by the refusal of a licence or the imposition of a condition by way of a formal complaint.

We can help you with your appeal, it is a daunting task when you do not agree with the Council’s decision and have not been through the court procedure before.

We can help support you throughout the entire case, call now to speak to one of specialist solicitors who will take the pressure and anxiety off you.

Is it an offence to be a taxi driver without a taxi licence?

If you are NOT licensed you WILL be committing an offence if you do any of the following:-

  • Displaying the word “taxi”, “cab” or “hire” anywhere on your vehicle
  • Soliciting people to hire your services as a taxi to take them as a passenger in a public place.
If I am a private hire driver can I take passengers from the street?
Registered private hire vehicles are NOT permitted to collect fee paying passengers from the street unless they are displaying a private hire sign and they have been booked through a licensed operator prior to undertaking the hired journey.

Hackney carriages are however permitted to collect passengers from a public place without the need for a prior booking.

The regulations also apply to cars, vans and pedicabs.

What are the penalties for touting?

If you have been charged/summonsed with plying for hire or ‘touting’ you could face a Level 4 fine up to £2,500 and also face prosecution for Using a vehicle without insurance as ‘touting’ can invalidate your insurance policy and could lead to an endorsement of points on your licence between 6-8 points (READ NO INSURANCE). You may also face disqualification.

Do I have to tell the council if I am convicted of a motoring/outing offence?

If you receive any conviction you must inform the local authority within 7 days.

What offences would I commit by touting?

It is likely that if you are caught by undercover officers for touting then you will face a number of offences including no insurance, not having hackney licence,not holding an operator’s licence.

If you have been approached by the police and have been reported for offences you should contact one of our specialist solicitors straight away so that we can start to get evidence together in your defence.

If I get a conviction what will the council do?

The local authority can take disciplinary action against you. This will take the form a hearing at which you or your representative can make representations to avoid disciplinary action which could result in the suspension or revocation of your licence.

We can advise on your case from the outset, check your insurance position and deal with the licensing authority. We can make representations to avoid disqualification and potentially secure your livelihood.

Auriga Advocates can help you with:

  • Your application for a licence
  • An appeal against the refusal to grant a licence
  • Disciplinary hearings

Auriga Advocates can help you with:

  • Your application for a licence
  • An appeal against the refusal to grant a licence
  • Disciplinary hearings

Unsure of your options?

One of our legal team will be more than happy to discuss your options and your concerns FREE OF CHARGE.

Between us we will reach the right option for you.

We will not charge you a penny until you instruct us to act for you and offer an instalment payment plan to make it easier for you financially.

We are confident that we can offer you the best advice and support but you do not have to take our word for it see what our clients think of us

By all means browse our website, check out our services and fees you will find we offer our services at highly competitive rates. You do not have to pay extra for attention and support we give that naturally because we care

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Right down to value for money (and I did look around) I really cannot fault the service I got from Auriga Advocates.

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