From Altrincham in the north to Crewe in the south, and Chester in the west to Macclesfield in the east, Cheshire has some of the busiest routes in the country. It hosts major stretches of the M6, M56 and M60 as well as hundreds of other major and minor roads – and however careful we drivers try to be, many of us will, at some point, face the prospect of a prosecution for a motoring offence.

That’s when we’ll need the help of specialist motoring solicitors Auriga Advocates – some of the leading experts in road traffic law, both in Cheshire and across the whole of the UK.

Motoring law is complicated: there are all kinds of traffic offences – S172 failing to provide driver information, drink or drug driving, careless or dangerous driving – to name but a few. If you’re accused of one of these, that’s when you’ll need the specialist road traffic legal expertise of the Auriga team to help you.

Whatever the traffic offence, Auriga can represent:

  • Private individuals
  • People who drive for a living
  • Businesses or organisations who employ drivers

Auriga Advocates: specialist motoring solicitors with years of experience in road traffic law


Whether it is speeding, drink driving, drug driving or any problem – are your employees’ road traffic offences affecting your business? We can help – professional drivers

Auriga cares about you, the driver

At Auriga Advocates, we are unique in the way we deal with people facing prosecution for motoring offences, both in Cheshire and across the UK. We offer not only specialist road traffic legal advice, but also understanding and support. We recognise the trauma that drivers feel when they are being prosecuted for any motoring offence – drink driving, drug driving, even something as simple as speeding – and we’ll help to relieve the stress and anxiety by providing the reassurance of our expert legal advice, representation and support throughout your case.

Remember – the law is not as black and white as you may think…

  • Disqualification may be avoidable
  • Penalties (points and fines) can be reduced in some circumstances

Engage Auriga and you will get the full attention of a road traffic law specialist who will offer you honest straightforward motoring legal advice regarding your case and the best possible outcome.

Auriga Advocates are motoring offence specialists

Based in Cheshire, Auriga Managing Director Andrea Clegg has over 25 years’ experience in criminal and motoring law both in her home county and across the whole of the UK. She’s written extensively on the subject, not least in her book ‘Defend Your Licence.’

She believes passionately that motorists contesting road traffic offences – speeding, drink driving, drug driving or any others – are facing a system which is prosecution biased and is, therefore, an unlevel playing field. She uses her amazing wealth of motoring law know-how to provide the best advice and support to secure justice for Auriga’s clients. To learn more about her views, click here to read the preface to her book

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Whether you are in Cheshire or any other part of the UK, Auriga Advocates will review your initial evidence/paperwork and give you a call back to advise you of your options in dealing with any road traffic act prosecution FREE OF CHARGE.

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We are happy to reply to a contact form by email but there is nothing like speaking to one of our specialist motoring lawyers to get immediate advice about your options – and more importantly, what support you can get to help you with your case, whether you are in Cheshire or anywhere else in the UK. Our clients often say they feel so much better and less stressed as a result of talking to one of our expert lawyers.

Why choose Auriga Advocates?

Our company’s core value is simply ‘the client is king’, and we bring all of our road traffic law expertise to bear on every case – which is why our clients can have complete confidence in our advice and representation at court.

We leave no stone unturned in investigating your defence and securing the best possible outcome. We will unrelentingly challenge the prosecution at every step to secure justice for you. Don’t take our word for it, see what our client’s say

Drink Drive

Drug Drive

Drunk/Drug In charge

Failure to supply a specimen for analysis

Failure to supply a roadside breath test

Disqualified Driving

Dangerous Driving

Death by Dangerous Driving

Causing serious injury by dangerous driving

Death by careless driving / Due Care

Careless driving / Due Care

Failure to stop and report


Using Mobile Phone

Not in Proper Control

Dangerous condition/defect vehicle

No Insurance

Fail to provide driver information

12 points or more

New Driver

Corporate / Professional Driver

Taxi Driver

Revocation of driving licence

Appeals / Re-opening

Ms D Gloucs

I was accused of dangerous driving and the thought of losing my licence and the detrimental effect it would have on my life put overwhelming stress on me. Andrea was available to speak to me at all times and advise accordingly. Her knowledge of the CPS processes is second to none which enables her to be one step ahead. She leaves no stone unturned and meticulously builds up a strong case on your behalf. Based on the strong information and evidence gathered Auriga were able to gather, my charge was reduced to driving without due care and attention.
I would recommend Andrea and her team to anyone who is facing a potential driving conviction!

Exceptional Hardship

I felt Andrea’s service from start to finish, was very professional, caring and put my mind at ease. I understood exactly where I stood and how the process of attending court would work and had plenty of time to prepare all relevant paperwork. I would say that I think the cost of your services are lower than most of your peers and I therefore think you are slightly underselling yourselves as I would definitely recommend your company to other people. (exceptional hardship January 2017)

Excess Alcohol

Tony, Andrea, thank so much for your help. Tony was so calming I bizarrely quite enjoyed the whole experience! I’ve suggested to my daughter that she goes on to study law.
I felt that you read the day well and responded to how you thought the magistrates would act. I’m happy with the end result and will certainly recommend you to anyone else in a similar position (excess alcohol


I have recently used the services of Auriga Advocates, and I can say that I was extremely happy with their professionalism, knowledge, and experience with driving offences.

I had previously contacted another solicitor in my area, to say they gave little or no assistance, nor knew anything that they were talking about is an understatement. When I contacted Auriga Advocates as an alternative, I was put through to Andrea and I was literally stunned at the level knowledge/experience she had and the detail she was prepared to go into with regards to my case.

I felt confident that she would be able to represent me to the best of her abilities, which I feel are considerable. I firmly believe that personal references help cement any opinion I may have of people and services, it just so happened that my Father-in-law was an ex detective in the local area, and he was also able to give me feedback with regards to Andrea’s experience.

I fully recommend both Andrea’s book and Auriga Advocates services should you be in a situation to require either.

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