HGV, LGV / PSV Driver Offences, Fines and Advice

If you drive for your business as a HGV/LGV/PSV driver, taxi driver or employ staff who drive for your company, the potential loss of a licence can be very problematic. Not only could you lose a valued member of staff, but the costs associated with recruiting and training cover can be extremely high and may also put your employees under immense pressure and stress resulting in absences or poor performance.

Auriga Advocates offer support not only to individual professional drivers but also to employers by offering them a constant and reliable service for them and their drivers

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As a professional driver your licence is vital to you, without it you will be unable to work and earn a living.

This area of law is highly specialised, complicated and expert advice is vital whether you drive a HGV, PSV or Taxi.

For a professional driver or their employer the penalties following conviction are devastating.

Whether you are in breach of operating licence regulations, tachograph regulations or overloading.

You may be in breach of the operating licence regulations, tachograph regulations, overloading or simply a speeding offence whatever your charge we can help you defend your case.


We already have a legal provider for drivers who have accidents?

Many company directors and transport managers think they have adequate legal provision for road traffic offences but the reality is they do not.

Many company drivers facing a motoring offence are often not informed by the company that an offence is on its way to them and as a result they are not offered any advice as to what to do or where to go for legal representation in a criminal court. The first they hear anything is when the police or the court sends them official papers directly to their home address despite the company having received a notice of intended prosecution and a request to provide driver details.

The result is that drivers often represent themselves with devastating consequences or seek advice from non-specialist solicitors with equally poor result.

Imagine the advantage your employee would have if expert legal advice was gained at the point the first notice of intended prosecution was issued to the you as an employer.

We can help set up systems for notifying enployees and providing immediate advice even before your employee receives the formal charges.


Is your driver morale low?

Drivers facing a possible loss of livelihood as a result of a motoring offence are often so stressed that they cannot sleep due to the anxiety and often make more mistakes as a result. Failing to ensure that they have the best advice and support throughout their case is failing not only them as their employer but also the business which will suffer losses as a result of no representation or poor representation.

Offering an early legal advice service to your drivers will boost morale, not only for those concerned but ensures other drivers feel supported when facing a motoring offence.

How can we help you to help your drivers?

At Auriga we represent everyone who drives for a living Anyone driving a company vehicle should be offered a route to full legal services to ensure the best possible outcome in the event of a prosecution.

What are the results of not offering employees a legal solution?

  • Drivers try to defend themselves often without success
  • Drivers accept penalties unnecessarily
  • Drivers are avoidably disqualified
  • Drivers face serious avoidable penalties

The impact on your business

  • Loss of a valued employee
  • Increased workload on remaining staff
  • Increased stress related absences
  • Cost of recruitment
  • Cost of retraining

All these negative impacts can be avoided by having a retained specialist motoring solicitor who can provide consistent and timely specialist advice to your staff.

We saved one company £25,000 on recruitment and training alone by ensuring their employee retained his licence.

What services could Auriga offer your business?

  • Offer a service for legal advice and representation from receipt of a Notice of intended prosecution.
  • Written advice for any of your drivers involved in a motoring offence
  • Drafting template letters for you to offer driver’s facing disqualification
  • Discounts for all drivers taking up our services in representation whether written or court.
  • A service level agreement to deal with all motoring offences.

What benefits will your business derive if you take up a service level agreement with Auriga?

  • You will save money
  • Your drivers will always be referred to a specialist solicitor who will get the best possible results for them
  • You will enhance your reputation as a caring employer
  • You will reduce your employee’s stress levels
  • You will save time
  • You will help to prevent reoccurrence

The list of benefits is endless, call Andrea Clegg our CEO for more information on establishing a service level agreement for representing your drivers.

How can points/disqualification be avoided?

The easiest way to avoid points on a driving licence is to have a good working knowledge of road traffic law and to remain  compliant.

There are two key routes to doing this:-

  1. Consistent and specialist legal advice and representation from Auriga Advocates
  2. To use a professional risk management solution


We offer a full legal and representation service in order to:-

  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce your insurance risk
  • Reduce the risk of losing drivers