Drink Driving

Drink Driving

With an excellent track record on our dangerous driving cases we can help you now if you call one of our expert drink driving solicitors for FREE INITIAL ADVICE


There are a number of offences which relate to driving whilst under the influence of alcohol.

These are:-

If you are charged with any of these offences you will be devastated and fearful for the impact any penalty imposed would have on your family and work. We understand how you feel and the sooner you get expert advice which can put your mind at rest the better you will feel. You do not have to face this alone.

What can Auriga Advocates do for you?

Here at Auriga Advocates we pride ourselves providing excellent advice in simple, clear and concise terms. We believe that our client should know their possible defences to a drink drive offence and what their chances of success are.

We approach the prosecution evidence with a meticulous eye for detail, leaving no stone unturned for arguments with which we can challenge the prosecution case.

There are a number of issues which we consider such as

  • Is the evidence against you enough i.e can they show you were driving?
  • Have the police followed the procedure at the station correctly? The procedure is complicated and easily breached particularly when the more unusual tests of blood or urine are taken.
  • Have to prosecution followed the legal procedure correctly? The regulations in a drink drivecase are complicated and certain rules must be followed such as disclosing the evidence and unused material.
  • Have all the relevant witnesses turned up? Surprisingly, police officers fail to attend trials and this provides us with an argument to get the case thrown out.

We are experts at handling all these issues and Andrea Clegg, our CEO has years of experience with the prosecution and knows only too well the problems they can have and as our testimonials show – she is always one step ahead and ensures that her team are too!

What should the prosecution prove for a drink drive offence?

The prosecution must show that you were

  • Driving the vehicle
  • Were over the limit at the time of driving
What is the penalty for drink driving?

The penalty is serious as it carries a maximum penalty of unlimited fine/6 months imprisonment and a minimum disqualification of 12 months.

The penalties are assessed depending on your level of alcohol and the circumstances of your driving the higher the level and the more serious the incident of driving, the higher your penalty

If this is your second offence within 3 years the court will have to impose a minimum 3 year ban.

When will I be in excess of the alcohol limits?

The legal limits are listed below if you are in excess of these you will be prosecuted for the offence of driving with excess alcohol. However in the case of breath the policy for prosecution is not to prosecute below 39ug.

  • Breath 35ug in 100ml
  • Blood 80ug in 100ml
  • Urine 107ug in 100ml
What defences are there to driving with excess alcohol?

There are numerous possible defences as follows:-

  • Showing that you were not driving.
  • Denying that you were driving on a road or in a public place
  • Arguing that you consumed the alcohol that took you over the legal limit
    after you stopped driving (otherwise known as a hip flask defence).
  • Denying that you were over the limit and arguing that the police evidence is

Defending excess alcohol can be extremely complicated and you should not defend this alone.

Do not leave your fate to chance by attending court unprepared and unrepresented.

We know how worried you are and how daunting the prospect of court proceedings are?

Do not wait, get advice on your defence now by calling one of our expert drink driving solicitors who guide you through the process.

We will be with you every step of the way. Collating evidence and leaving nothing to chance.

If I am guilty of driving and over limit is there any way I can avoid a disqualification?

If you accept that you are guilty of driving with excess alcohol you may be able to avoid a disqualification by arguing that special reasons apply in your case.

Examples of special reasons are :-

  • Laced drinks where someone without your knowledge has added alcohol to your
  • Short distance driven and you have not put pedestrian or property at risk
  • Emergency/Necessity where you had no other option such as calling

There are strict rules about the application of special reasons and before you take any further steps you should get some free advice from one of our specialist drink driving solicitors who will be able to advise you on your chance of success with a special reasons argument.

If I am convicted in the Magistrates Court but do not agree is there anything I can do?

There is a route of appeal which you can take either against conviction or sentence but you should always get legal advice on the best route and whether you have a strong case for appeal.

Call one of our specialist drink driving solicitors now for FREE ADVICE


What are the consequences of a drink drive conviction?
  1. Mandatory minimum penalty of 12-month disqualification and a fine of 1.5 weeks’ net wages;
  2. For repeat offenders, a mandatory minimum penalty of 36-month disqualification along with a fine of 1.5 weeks’ net wages;
  3. Your driving licence will be endorsed for 11 years for drink driving;
  4. Possible prison sentence in high reading or repeat offender cases;
  5. Criminal record;
  6. Possible professional consequences such as loss of job/licence to practice;
  7. Significant insurance issues: many insurers to refuse to insure drivers with drink driving convictions from within the last 5 years so your current insurer may refuse to insure you once your disqualification is over. An average increase in insurance premiums for 5 years post-conviction is 103.25%. So, if your insurance premium was £1000 prior to being convicted, you can expect it to pay an increased premium of £2032.50. Multiply the increase by the 5 years your insurers will punish you with increased premiums and you will have spent an additional £5162.50.
  8. Restrictions on foreign travel
  9. Reputational damage.

We understand how you feel about the impact all the potential consequences can have on your work and family. We can help you every step of the way with outstanding expert advice and constant support throughout the process.

Unsure what your options are?

If you are charged with an drink drive offence you will be devastated and also fearful for the impact any penalty imposed would have on your family and work. You do not need to go through this alone. Call one our specialist drink driving solicitors who will be able to discuss your options and support you every step of the way

One of our legal team will be more than happy to discuss your options and your concerns FREE OF CHARGE.

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were fantastic. From the first telephone conversation where I enquired about the services and cost involved everything was totally clear. Both Andrea and Lloyd who I dealt with were professional but warm, reassuring and were always available to answer any concerns or questions I had. Right up until the day I entered court they were there for me. My barrister who represented me in court, Lisa, was again also fantastic.
Right down to value for money (and I did look around) I really cannot fault the service I got from Auriga Advocates.

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